The all-on-film English Speech and Pronunciation course
The ability to speak good English clearly, correctly, confidently and fluently, with an attractive, educated accent and without making embarrassing mistakes, can make all the difference between success and failure.

Our new and revolutionary all-on-film course, presented on twenty hours of superb video by top English actors and tutors, is available either as a boxed set of course books with case of DVDs or as a download.

Don’t let poor speaking skills or an inappropriate accent hold you back in your life and career. Learn how to speak to win! This acclaimed course is amazingly good value for money, and whether English is your first or second language it could well prove to be one of the best investments in your future that you will ever make. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world!
Physical copy - £60 (plus p&p)
Download copy - £40

“What use is godlike form or mind
Uncrowned by grace of speech?”
             - Homer, The Odyssey
As true today as 3,000 years ago!

Live personal tutorials using Skype
Our one-to-one LIVE half-hour sessions with an expert personal tutor face-to-face on Skype are ideal for sorting out any specific problems of speech and pronunciation or for practising a presentation, speech, lecture or interview. All our tutorials are completely confidential.


Wherever you are and whatever your profession, we can help you to succeed!

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